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The adventure of Overtech in Hong Kong!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

This is the funky introduction!

Blogs blow, mainly because they resemble liberals - both are opinionated and whiney.

However they are quite useful when trying to keep the wider circle of friends and family up-to-date on extraordinary happenings.

So for those of you that don't know, this blog is dedicated to my impending emigration to Honk Kong. I vow to filter as much opinion, interpretation and bias out of it as possible and show it like it is.

So as they used to say on Police File: "Keep 'em peeled!"



At 3:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And you didn't even say goodbye! --HK

At 3:33 pm, Blogger pka said...

You need to learn how to spell 'Hong Kong'. Otherwise it's Chungking for you, brother(snicker).
BTW, you left stuff undone here and now online are shitting in their pants. Where did you leave the keys?

PS Thanks for the note on my scooter which I discovered a two full days later, after much ribald abuse in the traffic.

At 12:36 am, Anonymous Josh V said...

Ah, the culture shock of sub'urban josi'lites to a brave new world. I am sure its going to continue to blow your mind and expand your consciousness - I cant wait to read about it... Keep it up!


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